Regional Council of Southwest Finland

Petra Määttänen, Head of Administration of the Federation of Southwest Finland, says that Pinus co-operation has been ongoing for several years. The service includes uninterruptible server monitoring, maintenance contract, and help desk.

Co-operation has gone smoothly, and a functional support from Pinus has also proved to be a viable solution that brings IT professionals a three day a week. "Our staff gets quick help from a familiar expert who is easy to ask for advice on acute IT challenges rather than trying to solve themselves," Määttänen describes.

"Pinus contact persons are familiar with our needs and are able to respond quickly. We also appreciate the flexibility, for example, that there will be meetings when needed, "Määttänen explains.

Regional Council of Southwest Finland is developing maritime Southwest Finland to be a region, were the quality of living is the best. A succesful region is built with partnership and cooperation.

The Regional Council of Southwest Finland functions as an authority for regional development and as an organization for planning and promoting regional interests.

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