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Responsibility reflects also in IT procurement

Raisio Group's ICT Infrastructure Development Manager Kimmo Huotari estimates that he has partnered with Pinus for more than ten years in his present position. The company had already become acquainted with previous jobs. Raisio purchases from Pinus workstations, disk systems and servers, supplies and services, even though Raisio naturally has a strong IT expertise.

Huotari estimates Pinus's success with good state of mind and flexibility. "Competitive offer and price stability are the starting point. Pinus is also of the right size, enabling big players to achieve greater flexibility in everyday life, "says Huotari. Flexibility includes, for example, the IT equipment and supplies warehouse, "Minibar", located at Raisio's premises and ensuring smooth operation.

Huotari says he values ​​the initiative of customer orientation and personal service.

Raisio is an international company specialised in healthy, responsibly produced food. Our well-known brands include, for example, Benecol, Elovena, Nalle and Sunnuntai.

In Raisio’s products, the focus is on well-being, health, good taste and sustainable development. Profitable growth is ensured through our strong expertise and passion for creating new. Raisio’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. In 2017, the Group’s net sales for continuing operations totalled EUR 307 million and comparable EBIT was EUR 38 million. Our food is good for Health, Heart and Earth.


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